Overall Rating

The "Overall rating" page displays the rating of all participants/teams and the scores by jury members.


Filters are used to find and sort participants. Let's take a closer look at them: On this page and later on in the manual, we will not focus on the fields with obvious features (for example, the field Search by name), if they do not have additional features.

Filter by task

The field "All" allows you to sort participants by the selected task.

Filter by prize

The "Prizes" filter allows you to choose the criteria by which the teams were assessed. You can select several criteria for the sorting.

How to set up the criteria is described in this article.

Filter: "No prizes"

This filter allows you to see in the search results only those participants who have not been assessed by the jury members. After selecting the necessary filters, click on "Search" to see the results.

Click on"Show/Hide jury scores" to see the jury scores. If the jury did not vote, then you will see “-” instead of the rating.

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