How to Create an Event

How to easily create an event

How to Create an Event

After registering on the platform and paying for the corresponding plan, you can now create your first event. In this section, you will learn about the different types of challenges and find out how to easily create your first event. Let's get started!

“My events” Page

After registering, the organizer is directly forwarded to the “My events” page. On this page, you can create new events and see those that were already created.

Search for Events

How to sort events

In order to make the search for events easier you have the option to sort events. You can sort events by the following criteria:

  • Registration is closing - the list will include the events where the registration closing date is soon.

  • New - only new events will be shown in the search results.

How to filter events

To search for an event, we have a very convenient filter with many settings. Let's explore them:

  • The "Search" setting helps to find the challenge by name.

  • The "Challenge type" setting helps to navigate through the types of challenges when you mark the relevant checkboxes in the search results.

  • The “Status” setting will show challenges with the corresponding status in the search results.

  • The “Location” setting will filter events by location. You can choose several options at once.

  • The Drop-down list of "Tags" helps to find events based on the tags that the organizer attached to the challenge.

  • The "Clear filter" button clears filters to the default mode

Creating an Event: First Step

It's time to create an event! In order to provide you with the example we'll choose the event type "Hackathon".

Don't worry! Most of the settings for different event types are similar to each other, so you can choose any other type template or create an event without a template and set it up the same way as in our example.

On the "My events” page click on the “Create event" button and select the event type "Hackathon".

After logging in to the platform you can access "My events” page through the user’s menu.

Great! 👍 Event is created! It's high time to set it up.

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