Export and Import

On this page, the organizer can add participants manually and download comprehensive event statistics.

How to add participants to the contest (Import)

To add participants to the contest, click on the "Import" button.

Now you need to upload the list of participants. Click on "Download" and download a sample file. You can use this file to quickly and easily add your participants' data.

Please note that you should use a .csv file and fill in the information about participants in rows.

Open the downloaded file using Notepad, Microsoft Excel, or any other text editor.

Take a close look at the file structure. All data items are separated by commas. You can separate the data items with spaces or semicolons. That should be done to ensure that the platform correctly separates the uploaded data.

Please note that you can create teams in the file for import.

Please check that the data in the columns is correct! For example, if the email address will show up in the "Name" column, it will lead to an error.

Please note: the file must contain no blank lines!

Fill in the file with your data, separating data items by a comma, save it and upload it by clicking "Upload the file".

On the page for importing participants from a file, specify the separator and how users will be able to access the platform.

After you select the separator type, the columns with the participant's data will be automatically created. Select the column names from the list that match the column names in the file and click "Start import". Wait for the end of the process of adding participants.

If the "Users will get access by email" setting is selected, then after successful import, the user will receive an email with a link to confirm the account in order to take part in the challenge.

If the "File with the access to all accounts" setting is selected, then you will be prompted to download a file with the usernames and passwords of the imported participants.

Please don't lose this file!

You may see an error in the file after it was uploaded to the platform. To cancel the import, click on the "Delete file" button.

How to export the event statistics

To download statistics of the event, click "Export". If you want to download the scores, then click on "Export grades".

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