On our platform, you can create notifications for event participants. You can send notifications by email, in Telegram (if enabled), or directly on the platform!

Let's try creating and sending a notification. Go to the "Notifications" page and click on the "Create a notification" button.

Creating a notification

On the notification creation page, select the notification type "On email". Fill in the subject line of the email, write the message for the participants, and select the date of sending.

Please note that the text editor allows you to format the text, insert tables, images, quotes, formulas, etc.

Click on "Create". And you will be forwarded to a page where you can select the recipients. Select one or more recipients and click "Attach selected".

If you take a closer look, you will notice that the page for attaching recepients is the "List of participants" page.

Notifications Page Interface

After you attach the participants, you are redirected to the "Notifications" page with a list of all notifications. As you probably noticed, there are new features here in order to manage your notifications. Let’s explore them!

“Confirm notification” and “Send a test notification”

Is your notification fully prepared? Then it's high time to send it out! Click on "Confirm notification" and the notification will be added to the queue for sending.

After clicking on the "Confirm notification" you will no longer be able to edit the notification.

If you don't want to confirm the notification, but just want to check it out, then click on the button “Send a test notification”. In this case, the notification will not be confirmed and you can edit or delete it.

Editing and deleting a notification

There is an icon next to each notification in the list for editing its settings and content.

The "Continue editing" does the same thing as the edit icon, but only for the most recent unsent notification.

You can create only one notification at a time! To create a new notification, confirm the previous one.

The cross icon next to the notification is for removing the notification from the notification list.

Message personalization

You can use ready-to-use variables for your notification. Variables allow you to personalize each email for a specific participant.

Make sure that the user has filled in the required information! If the participant doesn't have a full name, last name, or team, the message will display the default variable.

Let's play around with the variables and create a message for the team captain.

In the subject line the variables don’t work!

How to create a notification in Telegram and on the platform

The process of creating such notifications is similar to the process of creating a notification by email. In the field “Notification type”, select "In Telegram" or “On platform".

Please note that the "All Channels" option disables the advanced text editor which is utilized to create notifications.

As an example, let's create a notification to be sent via the platform. Select the type "On platform" and fill in the required fields. Click "Create" to save your notification and the button "Confirm notification" to send it to the queue.

The participant can read the notification by clicking on the notification icon next to the profile avatar.

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