"Voting" Page

After creating event tasks, you need to organize judging of uploaded solutions, create voting criteria, add jury members and teams. Let's create your voting system!


The first thing we'll do is adding jury members. Go to the event editing mode. In the event menu, find the item "Voting" and click on it. Go to the "Juries" tab.

Adding a jury member

In the "Juries" tab, you can add jury members, manage their settings, delete voting results, or remove jury members from the event. Click on "Add jury" and fill out the form to add a new jury member.

Click on "Save". A new member of the jury will appear in the general list of the jury members.

Juries Settings

The main settings for jury members appear next to the name of a jury member:

Link and Code - the link and access code will appear next to the jury member after adding this jury member to the voting.

Join the voting - when you click on the button, you are forwarded to the "Voting" tab.

Send an invitation only when a jury member is already added to the voting.

Clear the assessments - deletes voting results of a jury member.


After adding jury members, you need to add voting criteria. Criteria are created so that the jury members can vote for the solution of a problem or a proposed idea according to certain parameters (criteria) determined by the organizer. Criteria groups can combine several voting parameters according to the theme of your event.

How to add criteria

Go to the "Criteria" tab. Click on "Add group" and name the criteria group.

The "Add Criterion" creates a criterion within the criteria group. There can be an unlimited number of them. Click on "Add Criterion", add some custom criteria and assign them the maximum score (Max score).

The "Request a comment on assessment" checkbox adds a comment field to the voting page. This field serves as feedback for participants, because sometimes it is important for participants to know why their solutions were assessed with a particular score.

It is mandatory for jury members to fill in the field "Request a comment on assessment" when they send their assessments. The scores of each jury member are displayed on the "Overall rating" tab on the "Statistics" page. Comments on assessments can be viewed by exporting voting results following the "Export/Import" tab in Statistics. The maximum score in each criterion is 100.


Finally, we got to the creation of voting! Creating and configuring voting is easy enough, so let's get started!

How to create and configure the voting

Go to the "Voting" tab and click on the "Create voting" button.

How to edit the voting

In the "Edit voting" section you need to specify the voting title and the voting dates. Fill in the fields "Voting title" and "Start date/ End date".

"Start date/ End date" here is used like in all similar cases on the platform. If the start date of voting has not come yet and the end date has already passed, the voting will not be displayed in the list on the voting page.


In the "Juries" section, add the jury members that were added earlier in the "Juries" tab. You can assign several groups of criteria to each jury member.

You can add one jury member to multiple votings and assign any number of criteria to a jury member.


In the "Teams" section you can filter teams by task, name, and several other parameters.

The "Select all teams" button adds all teams regardless of the selected filters.

The "Remove all teams" button removes teams from voting.

You can change the order of teams in the voting by dragging them in the list of selected teams or by clicking on the "Up"/”Down" buttons. After setting up the voting, click on the "Update" button.

How to conduct the voting

The voting has been created and now you can send invitations to the jury members. The invitation will contain a link to the voting and an access code. Let's try on the role of a jury member and see what the voting page looks like.

Go to the "Juries" tab, select any jury member and click “Copy". Paste the copied link into the browser's address bar and click on it.

On the page that opens, enter the access code from the jury table. After that you will be forwarded to the voting page.

After logging in to the voting system by providing access code - click the "Open" button under the name of the team you are going to assess. Review the solution, rate it, and write a comment. Click on "Send ratings".

You can switch between the team's solutions by clicking on the drop-down list with tasks at the very top of the page.

So, our voting was created! You can create any number of such votings and manage them as you want.

If you still have any questions, you can ask them by clicking on the instant communication button on the platform or contact us at support@codenrock.com.

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