How to Publish an Event

The final step of event creation is publishing the event on the platform. The event has three statuses:

  • Draft - when the event is not yet submitted for publication.

  • Moderation - the event is in Moderation status after you clicked on the "Publishing" button. The Codenrock administrator will check your event and allow it to be published on the platform.

  • Published - the event was approved for publication and is now visible in the list of all events.

Only the organizer has access to an event under the "Draft" and "Moderation" statuses.

Click on the "Publishing" button to submit your event for review and publication. You will receive a notification about the change in the event status to the email address specified during the registration.

If you have any issues with event publishing, please contact us at

Congratulations! 🥳 You created an event, set it up, added tasks, and submitted it for publication! It's time to start exploring the "Statistics" page in order to become a master in event creation on the platform.

If you explore all the steps in the event setup guide, you will be able to help your friends and family with event creation, brag about your new skills at the alumni meetings, and even add this info to your resume! (Just kidding!🙂)

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